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The Cay 1974 Full Complete TV Movie HQ

Here is the entire made-for-TV movie, The Cay, starring James Earl Jones, Alfred Lutter 3rd, and Gretchen Corbett. This TV movie was released on October the 21st, 1974, and has not been aired since. Now for the first time, here is the full HQ movie available for all to see!

Plot: When Young Phillip is separated form his mother and found by a black man named Timothy and his cat Stewcat, Phillip becomes blind and they all end up on an island. Will they survive or will they die?

Checked out my by-ear cover of The Cay's Theme Song :
The Cay : Hey everyone! I've uploaded a remastered version of The Cay at the link below for you guys to watch! Thanks!
Kirbo UWU : "Tis' be an' outrageous cay 'ay Timothy?"
Ezekiel Melende : I read this book in school
Parallel On yt : read it in school and saw this move
Evans Tablet : This is kina sus tho

The Cay Project

This video is about the Cay, a novel by Theodore Talore.
Mike Justin : B E A U T I F U L
Penny Winter : Lol so good
Edwin Joji : Awesome video
Water Bottle : holy crap, this is awesome!
Squirtzle : AH,YOUNG BAHSS.

The Cay - Full Audiobook

The Cay - Written by Theodore Taylor
Chapter 1 - 0:08
Chapter 2 - 9:21
Chapter 3 - 19:03
Chapter 4 - 31:24
Chapter 5 - 39:46
Chapter 6 - 43:56
Chapter 7 - 47:21
Chapter 8 - 53:55
Chapter 9 - 59:31
Chapter 10 - 1:02:39
Chapter 11 - 1:08:17
Chapter 12 - 1:16:13
Chapter 13 - 1:20:13
Chapter 14 - 1:27:24
Chapter 15 - 1:31:29
Chapter 16 - 1:38:04
Chapter 17 - 1:44:32
Chapter 18 - 1:48:05
Chapter 19 - 1:55:17
Originally Published by Avon in 1969
Published again by Laurel Leaf in September 28, 2011
Narrated by Adam McDonald for Novel Knowledge my audiobook training portfolio.
Print Length : 94 pages
For listeners in US you can buy it here:\u0026keywords=the+cay+kindle\u0026qid=1600117511\u0026sr=8-1
For listeners in Canada buy it here:\u0026qid=1600117542\u0026sr=8-1
Please excuse any mispronunciations, I did my best to look up as many words and names as possible, feel free to let me know in the comments. Like and subscribe for more free audiobooks.
Lulabelle : his voice suits this book sooo much




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